This one is going to be a two-parter. This one involves potential questions you should consider asking a financial planner Doug Foshee about growth capital for your business. The interview process can be difficult enough, especially if you are not armed with the right questions to ask.

This content is here to help mend this infraction.

1)How do you charge? What types of services do you offer? You need to find this out before you go any further. Find out about all the costs and products upfront. This is to determine if they want to help you out in a legit way, or if they are just looking to sell you something.

2)What sort of licenses do you have? Where are they at? Can I look at them? If there is any hesitation on these questions, nine times out of ten the person is not legit.

3)Who do you help out specifically? You need to find out if you are even a candidate for their services right away. If not, than you know you can cross them off the list.